Welcome to AgeplayPenPals.com

We are back online! Sorry for the confusion, a technical issue went unnoticed.

How do we see it work?

As you can probably understand, we are not going to build a reddit like site. If we would want to copy all that functionality including PM's and Chat, we would be working on this for the next few years! However, with what we have planned that is not even needed!

So, what have we planned?

This are the features the site will have at launch:
- User registration & Login
- Posting of prompts
- Reaction on prompts with a message
- Upvotes / likes
- Management of prompt (Removal / Edit / etc)
- Acceptance of reactions

How will the site work?
Quite simple actually! You post a prompt, or browse prompts, as you usually do. When you are browsing prompts and you see a prompt that interests you, you sent a message. If the other player likes that message, he / she can accept , at that point the chosen method of communication is shared.

Even though APP is banned on Reddit, doesnt mean you cant play there! When you want to play with someone, you just share your reddit username, and go play on reddit with all the functionalities it has. Want to share Discord? Kik? Wickr? E-mail? Go ahead, and have a fun play!

We need the players though, so share the link!